Think Local Liberty engages on a wide variety of issues. However, our priorities during the interim legislative session are annexation, local debt and waste reduction, ballot box transparency, and pension reform.


Under current Texas law, cities can forcibly annex outlying areas without giving the affected property owners a right to vote on the issue.

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Debt & Waste Reduction

Texas owes more than $328 Billion in local debt, coming to about $12, 400 per Texan.

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Ballot Box Transparency

Why are ballot propositions drafted in indecipherable legalese? Voters should be told what they’re voting on in plain English, and provided the necessary pieces of contextual information when relevant.

Read more on our Ethics page.


Pension Reform

Instead of using 401(k) systems like the private sector, government employees are denied any retirement benefits unless and until they “vest” – meaning they must stay in their job rather than moving out and up. Furthermore, the retirement benefits themselves are packaged as inflexible market goods, unresponsive to developments in technology or market conditions.

Read more on our Taxes page.

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- James Quintero